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Aluminum Foil Sleeve

Aluminum roll sleeve

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Centrifugal Casting
Our company adopts advanced smelting and casting technology, with the equipment has accurate inspection to ensure the chemical composition of the sleeve material is reliable and accurate, also has the same characteristics. Centrifugal casting is adopted to guarantee the inner and outer surface of the sleeve is free from defects such as cracks, slag inclusion, pores and sand holes. Adopt mature heat treatment technology to ensure the mechanical properties of steel sleeve.
Description of heat treatment of steel sleeve
We will conduct heat treatment strictly for steel sleeve which have the specific demand in mechanical property, also in corresponding testing of the mechanical property, make sure every product to achieve the best condition and customers’ good results.
The machine is provided with good rigid,  no returning clamp and machine and high accuracy on the processing of machining. Through continuous improvement, our company formed a integrated processing technic system to ensure concentricity, cylindricity, degree of symmetry and dynamic balance of the sleeve. Specific accuracy tolerance and geometric accuracy tolerance is strictly according to the customers’ requires.
In terms of inspection, in order to safeguard the benefits of customers and ensure better quality of products, we have conducted various tests on mechanical properties after heat treatment in addition to conventional dimensional inspection.Ring belt dynamic balancing machine can be 100% dynamic balancing test.
We have excellent packaging team and mature packaging technology.
The packaging must ensure the safety of the products, so that they will not be lost or damaged during storage, transportation and sale.
Packing ensures product cleanliness. Confirm the cleanliness of product surface before packing.
Our products are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously changing economic and social needs.