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Stainless steel sprocket

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The size of the sprocket is determined according to the diameter pitch and the number of groove teeth. Stainless steel has various brands such as sus304.201. The sprocket model shall be selected according to the installation size, speed ratio, torque and equipment purpose.
General principle for selecting the number of sprocket teeth: more than 19 teeth are generally used for driving sprockets operating at medium and high speed and under normal working conditions.
17 teeth are only used for small pitch drive sprocket.
23 teeth or more, recommended for impact. When the speed ratio is low, the use of high tooth number sprocket can greatly reduce the rotation of I chain link, the tensile load of chain and the load of bearing.
Stainless steel sprocket has high hardness but high price, so it is generally used for machines or other products with high overall value.
The tooth profile of sprocket is similar to that of gear, but its tooth profile is not conjugate, and its tooth profile has great flexibility. The sprocket tooth profile shall have the following properties:
Ensure the chain energy-saving, stable and free meshing in and out; Minimize the impact and contact stress when the chain link engages with the sprocket; It has a large capacity to accommodate the increase of chain pitch due to wear; Easy to process. The commonly used tooth profiles are: straight line arc tooth profile and two arc tooth profile. The teeth on both sides of the shaft surface of the roller chain sprocket are circular arc or straight line to facilitate the meshing in and out of the chain link.