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Machining materials and tooth profile of roller chain sprock

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Roller chain sprocket and roller chain are used together to form chain transmission, which is used to transmit mechanical power. It is widely used in household, industrial and agricultural machinery.
Material Science
The sprocket material shall ensure that the gear teeth have sufficient strength and wear resistance. It is commonly used for medium carbon steel quenching or low carbon steel carburizing quenching, with surface hardness of 40 ~ 60HRC. Important sprockets can be made of alloy steel or cast iron under low speed and stable load conditions. The small sprocket has many meshing times and great impact. It is made of better materials. The grades of common materials for sprockets are 20, 45, 20Cr, 40Cr, HT200, etc.
Tooth profile
The tooth profile of roller chain has been standardized, and the most common application is three arc and one straight line tooth profile. The contact stress at the meshing part of the tooth profile is small, the bearing capacity is high, and can be processed with standard tools. When using this tooth profile in the design, it is not necessary to draw it on the part working drawing. Only the basic parameters and main dimensions of the sprocket need to be indicated, such as the number of teeth Z, pitch P, roller diameter D, indexing circle diameter D and tooth tip circle diameter D. And root circle diameter D, and indicate that "the tooth shape shall be manufactured according to GB / T 1243-2006".