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Shengyu sprocket processing analysis of sprocket chain drive

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Sprocket chain drive
When the sprocket chain is driven, the roller part of the chain engages with the tooth part of the sprocket to transfer power as a mechanical transmission mode of tension. The main use is divided into two categories, one is connected to the motor for power transmission, the other is the use of the chain of additional parts directly or indirectly transfer the workpiece. Sprocket chains are special parts, only supporting the chain and sprocket can combine transmission.
Advantages and disadvantages of chain drive
(1) can be used for long-distance power transmission;
(2) high allowable tension, can be used for heavy material transmission, overload capacity;
(3) can work in high temperature, dust, humidity and other harsh environment;
④ No elastic sliding and slip, the average transmission ratio is accurate.
(1) can only be used for transmission between two parallel shafts;
(2) transmission stability is poor, easy to wear;
(3) it is easy to produce vibration, noise and impact when moving;
(4) It is not suitable for situations requiring rapid forward and reverse switching.
Main components of chain drive
Chain drive is mainly composed of sprocket, chain, idler wheel, tension regulator, accessories have joint chain, some transmission will also use chain guide rail.
Sprocket is a mechanical part that engages with the chain and transmits power. It is usually processed by keyway + threaded hole, and the tooth surface needs to be heat treated. The commonly used materials are Q235, Q275, 45, gray cast iron and so on.
Double chain
The chain
A chain is a mechanical part connected with a sprocket and transmits power. The length of the chain is expressed by the number of chains. The number of chains is best taken as an even number, so that when the chain is connected into a ring, it is just the outer chain plate and the inner chain plate are connected, and the joint can be locked with a spring clamp or a split pin. Common chain roller chain and toothed chain, toothed chain is used for high speed or high precision requirements, but the cost is higher, the structure is more complex.
Tension is applied to the chain in chain drive to prevent vibration, noise and poor sprocket meshing.
Tension wheel
Tension regulator and guide rail accessories
The peripheral accessories of chain drive, tension adjuster can save the time of adjusting the slack chain. Guide rail is usually used for special chain for object transmission, the chain for positioning and guiding use.